Funeral Costs, Quinn Funerals Colac

Quinn Funerals provide a wide variety of funeral services to a community with diverse needs and differing backgrounds; given this, the prices of funeral services can vary.

While it’s difficult to give an average price, as the price can vary significantly depending on the specific arrangements of each client, we would be more than happy to give you an estimate of costs either over the phone or via email.

You can contact us via email on [email protected]

When to pay your account

The funeral account will be sent to you a few days after the service. We allow a few weeks for you to finalise your account. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please talk to the staff at Quinn Funerals.

Contact us at Quinn Funerals, your Funeral Director, via email or phone us on 03 5231 2052. Find out more about Quinn funeral arrangements, the funeral service and pre-paid funerals.