Preparing for funeral services, Colac

Quinn Funerals Colac believes that just as every life is unique, all of our funeral services need to be unique to reflect the life of the deceased person. It is important that the funeral service focuses on the life of the deceased while creating a positive and lasting memory for the family and loved ones to treasure forever. Funeral services can be beneficial to the grieving process and provide an opportunity for family and friends to gather together and say their final goodbye.

There are many ways that funeral services can be tailored to suit and capture the essence of the deceased person and the staff at Quinn Funerals are happy to advise you.

As part of our service as your Funeral Director, Quinn Funerals will help you with all of the major decisions concerning the funeral service:

  • Venue & time
  • Place of burial or cremation
  • Coffin or casket
  • Flowers
  • Transport
  • Coffin bearers
  • Notices and obituaries
  • Eulogies
  • Viewing
  • Music
  • Audio- visual presentation

How to write a eulogy

A Eulogy is a speech given at a memorial or funeral service in memory of someone who has died. Quinn Funerals is happy to help you write a eulogy but here are some pointers to help you deliver a memorable memorial speech.

  1. Gather your material and biographical facts – age, marriage, dates, places lived, children etc. Now think of stories you remember involving your loved one, or a turn of phrase that typifies their behaviour and character. Talk with other friends and family members so you present a picture that reflects other people’s memories as well.
  2. Have a theme – a theme gives a eulogy unity, helps give you a focal point and helps the listeners see rich patterns in the deceased person’s life.
  3. Organise the material – write notes in point form on paper or one point per index card, group the cards into piles and sort them into logical order.
  4. Draft your speech -write out your first draft paying particular attention to the beginning and end and use linking sentences to help the eulogy flow. If it’s appropriate, include a few moments of humour or light- heartedness to reflect the loved one’s unique character.
  5. Practice your delivery – read the speech into a tape recorder and then play it back. Now stand in front of a mirror and imagine you are talking to an audience. Take deep breaths. If you are afraid you may become emotional during the eulogy, have a second person ready to take over. It may help you to relax knowing you have their support.

Funeral services booklet

Your minister or celebrant will help you decide on the format of the order of the funeral service and Quinn Funerals will provide examples of the types of funeral service booklets available. We will then arrange the printing of the servce booklet. Be sure to always see a proof of the funeral service booklet before it is printed, checking the spelling of names and the order of the servce to ensure that it is exactly as you’d like it. Booklets and memorial cards vary in price but generally start at around $1.80 per copy.


Your own choice of music is fine in most situations. It is always best to consult wth your minister of religion or funeral celebrant about what is appropriate. Quinn Funerals has the appropriate license for the public performance of artists’ songs.

Audio-visual presentation

Quinn Funeral can scan photographs of your loved one and put them to an audio-visual display with your choice of music. We have the appropriate licenses for the use of music and public performances and can supply audio- visual equipment for these presentations. We recommend you consider the length of time each picture is displayed and the total time of the presentation, and that you discuss with your minister or celebrant how an audio- visual presentation will fit into the funeral service.

If you have any queries regarding a funeral service please contact us at Quinn Funerals via email or phone us on 03 5231 2052.

Quinn Funerals can also assist you with advice on what to do when someone dies, funeral arrangements, pre-paid funerals, funeral costs, after the service and details about cemeteries, churches, crematoriums and death notices.