Pre-Paid Funeral Services, Colac

Talk to Quinn Funerals, your Funeral Director in Colac, about a Pre-Paid Funeral Service. A Pre-Paid Funeral has many benefits for you and your family:

  • It can take the burden from your family and loved ones at a very difficult time while still allowing them to take part in organising your farewell
  • It ensures that your wishes will be carried out
  • Pre-paid funerals give you peace of mind knowing that your family will not endure the expense of your funeral

At Quinn Funerals you can completely arrange your funeral, putting down your express wishes. You can then invest into a Funeral bond any amount of money you wish that will go towards the cost of your funeral when you die. Should you have an excess of funds in your funeral bond the excess will be refunded to your estate and any shortfall can be billed to your estate. A time payment plan with a regular investment into your funeral bond is also available.

Your money is invested, excluding GST, in a State Government- approved funeral bond investment. Quinn Funerals provides you with a receipt and a copy of the investment certificate to confirm the investment of your money. We advise that you ensure that this investment is part of a sound investment plan.

A funeral bond is not deemed to be earning interest in the eyes of Centrelink and as such may be a prudent investment in your overall financial plan. A Prepaid Funeral bond offers you peace of mind that your funeral wishes will be met and the cost of your funeral does not become the responsibility of your family or loved ones. Money put into the pre-paid funeral cannot be accessed for anything other than your funeral costs.

For more information about Prepaid Funerals please contact us via email or phone us at Quinn Funerals on (03) 5231 2052.