Expressions coffins – Celebrating lives matters

February 11, 2021


The personalising of funerals has been on our minds recently.  Quinn Funerals in Colac has seen the change in rituals of farewell with live streaming, video recording and a step up in the range of Expressions coffins available for us to choose from or even supply your own images a design your own.

The company writes; “Almost any design is possible! A unique aspect of our coffin design is that the images wrap seamlessly around the coffin and are complemented by a highly glossy finish, which gives the image detail a glass-like clarity and crispness.”

Quinn Funerals has a long-term relationship with company that builds and supplies these truly amazing coffins.  As Colac Funeral Directors, we are enormously pleased to be able to supply coffins from this range.


Follow the link to their website ” Expressions Coffins”to check out the entire range.