Online Tributes – a revolution

February 17, 2021

Quinn Funerals, Colac, was one of the first regional funeral directors to provide an online portal for community members to leave personal tributes for friends and family that have died.

Before this the Quinn Funerals website only had one or two users per week and perhaps as little as 10 page views.  Over the last five years, with the help of the team at GOOP Digital, it has become one of the communities primary sources of information on death, funerals and online tributes.

During 2020 the website has also become a true world-wide connection for families and friends that are separated by the global pandemic that has struck the world.  Quinn Funerals web site now hosts web streaming of funeral services.  In January it has grown to over 7000 individual users and over 76,000 pages views in that month alone.

With the current media laws changing in Australia its never been more important to “bookmark” or add Quinn Funerals to your “favorites” list.